Annotated Bibliography

1. Wordsworth, W., & Coleridge, S. T. (2003). Lyrical ballads and other poems. Wordsworth Editions.

This scholarly reflects mostly on the style of languages of poems. As such, it is a fact that nowadays people are mostly in the high and low class of living of people or even the language are different. In poetry these do not have any difference, as poetry can be written in different types of language. According to Wordsworth & Coleridge (2003), poetry has creates a form of harmony for humanity to have no difference between them. As for poetry lover they love all kind of language as far as it is in poems. They do not show any kind of higher class or lower class when it comes to poetry. It is a sign to show that poems is a factor to respect humanity as they show a union. Also according to, Wordsworth & Coleridge (2003), poems is a very multipurpose factor as people who write poems also tend to write lyrics for songs. Hence this helps people to throw themselves into the music world as well. According to me, this is a very good factor as poem and music are things which are very precious. And which of course help people to have leisure time and relax themselves when getting into these things. Overall it can be seen that poetry is a very attracting factor which is for all types of age. Whether it is for young to elder people. It simply reflects a sense of positivity when talking of poems.




2. Karen Simecek & Kate Rumbold (2016) The Uses of Poetry, Changing English, 23:4, 309-313, DOI: 10.1080/1358684X.2016.1230300

The article is on the importance of poetry and how it is valued in education. According to Simecek & Rumbold (2016), poetry is a very good curriculum in the education sector. It helps youngsters to cultivate their literature subject really well.  Poetry form an important part as it form as very big part in the literature of English subject. Where students may learn to write poems and as well as starts to show interest in poems. As such the article simply shows the importance of poetry in the education world. It is not only for a trend to write poems or just not something informal we can say. In fact poetry is even more than these, especially nowadays where poems can be use in many occasion, whether it is a moment of joy or sadness. Therefore my topic on Poetry works really well with this article as it shows some of the best values of poetry. It shows the relevant that poetry is a very good part of people lives. The article shows the real value of poetry and as well as how it is relevant. Also the article is a very good scholarly one as it has some good aspect for poems. Student would be having a big advantage on poetry as this would help them in their literature subject and they would be having their analytical mind. Overall it is a very good aspect that poetry forms part of the educational system as poems helps people to think and analyze (Simecek & Rumbold 2016).




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