Annotated Bibliography

1.  Wordsworth, W., & Coleridge, S. T. (2003).  Lyrical ballads and other poems . Wordsworth   Editions. This scholarly reflects mostly on the style of languages of poems. As such, it is a fact that nowadays people are mostly in the high and low class of living of people or even the language are different. In poetry these do not have any difference, as poetry can be written in different types of language. According to Wordsworth & Coleridge (2003), poetry has creates a form of harmony for humanity to have no difference between them. As for poetry lover they love all kind of language as far as it is in poems. They do not show any kind of higher class or lower class when it comes to poetry. It is a sign to show that poems is a factor to respect hum

Remediating for 280 Characters

My Twitter Account:   To begin with, my experience on Twitter has been awesome, I am now very familiar with this application. Personally, it is a very interesting and easy application to use, I can now easily search for stuff. Such as I searched quickly and easily on my topic which is poetry and also I got a vast number of suggestion. Also, my interaction on Twitter has helped me a lot to tweets and retweets post relates to my topics. First of all, when I had recently created my Twitter account, and I was searching for some topics on poetry, I came across hashtag such as “#poemlover, #poetry, #writingpoem, #poetryworld. As such these were the hashtag people use when they tweet their poems and they would do sentences with these hashtags. Hence, it was easy for me to find the appropriate tweet for me to retweet them. I have also realised that hashtag is the main tool for Twitter. As people use it more often rather than doing long sentence comment. In a way it i

Twitter Account

Twitter Account:

Entering the Conversation   As a poem lover, it is important for me to have my own space to express myself freely and as well as post it for people to see. In fact, it is essential for every poem lovers to have such opportunity. Hence I have an account on Mirakee, which is a website where every poems lover can get access to. It helps people to create their own poem post with some awesome visuals. It is a really easy and websites for people to get in touch. I have been using this website for the past 3 to 4 years. And personally, I think it has help me very much in expressing myself without any hesitation. Moreover, it is a website where different language can be use in poems. Which means people can be comfortable to express in whatever way they want to. It simply shows a humanity platform where religion is not a barrier in poems. This website has really help me in doing more work on poems. As seeing different language use in poems in the website, it has encourage me to learn

Creating Generative Value   Poetry is a very sensitive topic as it can narrate someone feeling. It can change someone life and as well as give people some relief of their pain when reading. Poetry is indeed a topic for people to put in their everyday life as it simply helps people emotionally. As such according to Fecker (2016), poetry is a whole of emotions to read as it stimulate according to someone own feeling, it is one of the most powerful forms of writing because it takes the english language, a language we believe we know, and transforms it. Suddenly the words do not sound the same or mean the same. The pattern of the sentences sound new and melodious. Also, poetry is as a journey,by which we must willingly trust the writer to guide us. Unwilling readers will never experience every part of the adventure in the same way open minded readers do. The journey may be filled with dead ends and suffering or endless joy and happiness. And still, we go, we pick u

Introducing my Topic

  My topic is on poetry. Poetry the expression of feeling in words. According to Masters (2020), “Some called poetry development, while plainly revelation better hints the inventive demonstration which uncovers concealed contemplation  and feelings. Yet, regardless of whether we call the imaginative demonstration development or disclosure, the meaning of poetry as either doesn't disperse all the characteristics and all the circumstances and end results of a poetical creation”. As such my topic is simply how my love for poetry is and how it is helping me throughout  all my life. Moreover, according to Ribeiro (2007), poetry refers to a group of publicly visible things in the social world that we call “poems”. Poetry for me is a very sensitive topic but as well as a very interesting one. According to me, it is a must for people to inculcate a bit of poetry in their lives. My topic on poetry is indeed very touching. It will show how poetry helps people in various situation. Such as fo

Narrating Personal Interest

As you have no doubt sorted out now, am a young woman  with the adoration for sonnets and composing , which is poems.  I have to unveil to you why it is something that is so close to my heart.   For my entire life I  always  have had an enthusiasm for poems , especially  as it helps me to express myself.   Poems  has helped me through a ton of terrible occasions, and it has likewise helped me commend some truly extraordinary ones. For me, poems brings   out recollections and emotions like nothing else on the planet. It can motivate, outrage, energize, quiet, and dishearten me.  One of my preferred things on the planet is going to see  me writing poems happily . A portion of my best recollections are at  the beach watching the sky and note down some amazing lines.  Or then again when I balled my eyes out through  nature, I literally come with some awesome lines for my writing of poems. Or on the other hand when  it is simply raining outside and I get motivation from the droplets of rain